Don’t plagiarize, that will cause the application to be withdrawn.

University applied for: Glasgow-COMPUTING SCIENCE MSc also have some extra information explaining my background and my thoughts, just for your information, please see attached. Please do not copy-paste my original words or sentences on the documents I provided, instead, use your own words to summarise and make it more professional.Normally you should include the below information in the PS:
1 Motivation (it should make sense, e.g. related to my previous education/working experience)
It should be one paragraph, hitting the point and attracting the admissions officer in one second.2 Reasons for applying to this university and programme (why this university, why this particular programme, what particularly attracts me: state clearly what impresses me, this could be the teaching staff, feedback from other students, particular modules (you can select a number of modules what are interesting or related to my previous study), lab facilities and/or employability ratings. What will I learn from the programme, how is the programme related to my future career aspirations, etc)-MOST IMPORTANT PART!3 Connect my previous academic and professional background with the course I applied for (state my suitability for the course, and explain why I am the most suitable candidate. It should focus on the knowledge I have obtained from the University, not English skills/academic scores). As for work experience, you should focus on what the internship/work brings to me, what skills/knowledge I have learnt from work, rather than just list what I did daily or list the company’s name (admissions officer can see it from my CV, no need to repeat in the PS) -MOST IMPORTANT PART!4 State my future career plan (it should be clear with position/company).5 In the final paragraph, emphasize my interests in the applied programme and what I can bring to the programme/cohort/classmates.Don’t rush, quality is better than everything. Don’t plagiarize, that will cause the application to be withdrawn. Thank you very much for your efforts!